CINTECX  is the Research Center in Technologies, Energy and Industrial Processes of the University of Vigo.

CINTECX focuses the multidisciplinary effort of its researchers to develop basic and oriented research and transfer knowledge to the productive sector with a high level of excellence and competitiveness.

The long trajectory of its extensive team of researchers allows the center to be at the forefront of R+D+i in lines such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, the use of natural resources, the recovery of industrial waste, development and application from advanced manufacturing techniques and new materials, clean propulsion technologies or artificial intelligence.



CINTECX defines the following priority objectives:

  • Position itself in excellence and at the forefront of scientific and technological research in the industrial field, increasing the impact of its research on the scientific community through high-level publications and on society through scientific dissemination activities.
  • Establish a structure organized by technological areas linked to tractor sectors and facilitating and emerging technologies, which facilitates multidisciplinary research and public-private collaboration.
  • Promote multidisciplinary research projects aligned with high-impact cutting-edge technologies for the research ecosystem and Galician society, in collaboration with national and European entities, increasing the rate of return of public funds to society.
  • Put unique infrastructures at the service of the Galician company and its tractor sectors, which allow them to increase their competitiveness.

Sustainable Development Goals





2014 – Industrial technologies research

Since 2014, the University of Vigo has been working on the consolidation of the industrial technologies research capabilities.


2016 – MTI Research Support Center

Thus, in 2016 the MTI Research Support Center (Industrial Technology Module) was launched.


2018 – INEX

In 2018, the Strategic Group of Industry and Energy (Inex) that involved 26 research groups was created. In 2018, there is a deep analysis on the sustainability of the centers within the Galician University System (SUG) and it was agreed to work on two priorities: the promotion of the reference research groups that involved in INEX, and the commitment to a campus of specialization in technologies.


2019 – CINTECX

After this reflection, and taking into account the opportunities of the context, the Center for Research in Technologies, Energy and Industrial Processes, CINTECX, is created in 2019.


2021 – Favourable report from the Galician Council of Universities

On 14 June 2021 the Consello Galego de Universidades reports favourably and accredits the scientific excellence of CINTECX, becoming the first research centre in Galicia to obtain this recognition.


Nowadays – A global RTD actor

CINTECX aims to become a global RTD actor within the 4th industrial revolution, generating knowledge via fundamental research and transforming this knowledge into technological solutions that shall contribute to increase the competitiveness of the regional industry.


CINTECX’s activities receive funding from the ERDF programme (European Regional Development Fund), the Galician autonomic government through ERDF Galicia 2014-2020 as well as the European Union with the thematic objective of «promoting technological development, innovation and quality research» with the motto «a way to make Europe».