Strategic lines of research

Additive manufacturing


CINTECX’s activity in the field of additive manufacturing can be classified into two main lines:

  • Optimization and analysis of the product. We have extensive experience in microstructural and mechanical characterization and in the analysis of resistance to corrosion, mainly of metallic materials, including:
    • Post-processing techniques, such as thermal and electrochemical treatments.
    • Evaluation of the resistance to corrosion, galvanic pair analysis, pitting and corrosion products.
    • Development of new filaments and evaluation of the recycling capability.
  • Development of laser-assisted additive manufacturing processes. We have more than two decades of experience in the development of technologies, as an example we can mention:
    • Development of different technologies for additive manufacturing of chrome-cobalt or titanium alloys in an inert atmosphere using the Laser Directed Energy Deposition technique.
    • Development of a micro-cladding technology to add material with high spatial resolution by LDED.
    • Additive manufacturing of bone replacement elements made from bioceramics such as calcium phosphates, bioactive glass or glass ceramics.


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