Araújo Fernández

Senior Lecturer

Área of Mining
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering

Contact information

School of Mining and Energy Engineering
Despacho M120

As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo

+34 986 811 923

Short CV

Bs. in Mining Engineering in 2003 and PhD degree in Environmental Technology in 2010, all of them by the Universidade de Vigo, Spain. Member of the CI5 Research Group of the University of Vigo. Under the protection of this research group, I have developed skills as a teacher, researcher and manager. My research is focused on the modeling and optimization of mining resources exploitations, and on the improvement of control procedures and data processing within the environmental field. These lines of research have given rise in more than 15 publications and communications at international conferences, and participation in the development of 6 R+D+i projects financed in competitive calls and in 11 R+D+i grants of special relevance with companies and / or administrations. In relation to university management activities, I am Degree Coordinator and Deputy Director of Planning and Academic Organization in the School of Mining and Energy Engineering of the University of Vigo.


Grupo de investigación

Safe and sustainable management of mineral resources

Research topics

  • Optimización da explotación e transformación de recursos mineiros
  • Enxeñaría medioambiental


Research results

Rigueira, X., Pazo, M., Araújo, M., Gerassis, S., Bocos, E.,
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Mathematics, 10, 14, 2022 | DOI

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Conference Paper
Pérez-Rey, I., Alejano, L.R., Alonso, E., Arzúa, J., Araújo, M.
An Assessment of the Post-peak Strain Behavior of Laboratory Intact Rock Specimens Based on Different Dilation Models
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Conference Paper
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Tests for the optimization of cut-off parameters for seven galician granite varieties
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Ordóñez, C., Saavedra, A., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
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DYNA (Colombia), 79, 171, 2012 | DOI

Book Chapter
García Nieto, P.J., Ordóñez Galán, C., Martínez Torres, J., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
Study of the influence of forest canopies on the accuracy of GPS measurements by using genetic algorithms
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Conference Paper
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MLFWATER: Mejora de la gestión de la calidad de las aguas: soluciones funcionales y de aprendizaje automático
Ref.: PID2020-116013RB-I00
01/09/2021 – 31/12/2024 | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Directors: María Araújo Fernández

10/07/2017 | Jessica Ingrid Piñeiro di Blasi
Desenvolvemento dunha nova metodoloxía para o control da calidade das augas baseado en técnicas estatísticas avanzadas e análise funcional
Directors: Paulino José García Nieto; Javier Martínez Torres; María Araújo Fernández
Cum Laude

27/03/2015 | José Joaquín Sancho Val
Novas técnicas de control de calidade para estudos ambientais
Directors: Jorge Juan Pastor Pérez; Javier Martínez Torres; María Araújo Fernández
Cum Laude