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Área of Mining
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering

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School of Mining and Energy Engineering
Despacho 119

As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo

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Research results

Partida, A., Gerassis, S., Criado, R., Romance, M., Giráldez, E., Taboada, J.
Modeling Bitcoin plus Ethereum as an Open System of Systems of Public Blockchains to Improve Their Resilience against Intentional Risk
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Partida, A., Gerassis, S., Criado, R., Romance, M., Giráldez, E., Taboada, J.,
The chaotic, self-similar and hierarchical patterns in Bitcoin and Ethereum price series
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 165, , 2022 | DOI

G. Bastante, F., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
Predictive model of explosive detonation parameters from an equation of state based on detonation velocity
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24, 14, 2022 | DOI

Gerassis, S., Giráldez, E., Pazo-Rodríguez, M., Saavedra, Á., Taboada, J.
Ai approaches to environmental impact assessments (Eias) in the mining and metals sector using automl and bayesian modeling
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Gerassis, S., Abad, A., Taboada, J., Saavedra, Á., Giráldez, E.
A comparative analysis of health surveillance strategies for administrative video display terminal employees
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Abad, A., Gerassis, S., Saavedra, Á., Giráldez, E., García, J.F., Taboada, J.
A Bayesian assessment of occupational health surveillance in workers exposed to silica in the energy and construction industry
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 26, 29, 2019 | DOI

Gerassis, S., Albuquerque, M.T.D., García, J.F., Boente, C., Giráldez, E., Taboada, J., Martín, J.E.
Understanding complex blasting operations: A structural equation model combining Bayesian networks and latent class clustering
Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 188, , 2019 | DOI

Book Chapter
Iglesias, C., Martínez, J., Taboada, J., Giráldez, E.
Automatic prediction of the commercial quality of slate slabs using a mathematical model
Modeling Social Behavior and Its Applications, , , 2018 | DOI

Ferrero Arias, Á., Taboada Castro, J., Iglesias Comesaña, C., Baltuille Martín, J.M., Giráldez Pérez, E.
A practical application of the geological and mining characterization method to the “rosa porriño” deposit (Galicia, Spain). quality cartography and estimation of the distribution of reserves for mining exploitation planning [Aplicación práctica de la metodología de caracterización geológico-minera al yacimiento de granito “Rosa Porriño” (Galicia, España). Cartografía de calidades y estimación y distribución de reservas para la planificación de su explotación]
Boletin Geologico y Minero, 128, 2, 2017 | DOI

Iglesias Comesaña, C., Taboada Castro, J., Arzúa Touriño, J., Giráldez Pérez, E., Martín Suárez, J.E.
Geotechnical design of underground slate mines [Diseño geotécnico de minas subterráneas de pizarra]
Boletin Geologico y Minero, 128, 2, 2017 | DOI

Conference Paper
Iglesias, C., Giráldez, E., Taboada, J., Martínez-Alegría, R., Antunes, I.M.
SESGAL software for managing earthquake risk in Galicia
ICSOFT 2013 – Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies, , , 2013 | DOI

Saavedra, A., Taboada, J., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
Generalized linear spatial models to predict slate exploitability
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Taboada, J., Saavedra, Á., Iglesias, C., Giráldez, E.
Estimating quartz reserves using compositional kriging
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Conference Paper
Giráldez, E., Paz, M., Iglesias, C., Taboada, J., Saavedra, Á.
Method for the evaluation of the reserve of a metallurgical quartz deposit by advanced kriging techniques
Key Engineering Materials, 548, , 2013 | DOI

Ordóñez, C., Saavedra, A., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
Kaolin quality determination through an algorithm based on non-parametric fuzzy logic [Determinación de calidad de caolín mediante un algoritmo Basado en lógica difusa no paramétrica]
DYNA (Colombia), 79, 171, 2012 | DOI

Book Chapter
García Nieto, P.J., Ordóñez Galán, C., Martínez Torres, J., Araújo, M., Giráldez, E.
Study of the influence of forest canopies on the accuracy of GPS measurements by using genetic algorithms
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Use of machine learning techniques to analyse the risk associated with mine sludge deposits
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