Research topics

  • Soil and water sustainability
  • CO2 capture
  • Circular industries
  • Geoengineering, environmental engineering and resilience
  • Heritage preservation

The area of sustainability and natural resources of CINTECX is concerned with providing knowledge and instruments that contribute to the management and protection of natural resources in order to achieve a sustainable balance between their availability and the current and future needs of society and the economy, obtain the maximum value from bio-waste and by-products, through new and efficient processes, as well as the application of innovative technologies to heritage conservation.

We work on the sustainable use of mineral and energy resources, the use of modelling for the control of water and air quality using advanced mathematical techniques such as machine learning or functional analysis. Likewise, in the conservation of tangible cultural heritage and, mainly, what would be the reduction of consumption and recycling of materials.

Among the problems associated with the forestry sector, our activities focus on the analysis of the sensitivity of forests to the risk of forest fires. We work in the field of eco-innovation, renewable energies, management of natural resources and also of waste on the one hand reduce the negative environmental impact of that waste and achieve, in some way, introduce it into the production chain and thereby improve the performance of the processes while reducing an environmental problem.

We work in the field of biosulfatants, trying to make them more biocompatible, more biodegradable and also getting them to have additional capabilities such as their antimicrobial capacity and their ability to allow the permeation of active compounds through the skin. In the line of bioabsorbents we work on the use of solid waste of an organic nature, to obtain a material similar to activated carbon, which is susceptible to be used in water treatment.


Sustainable Development Goals