Research topics

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing methods and materials processing
  • Consumption reduction and recycling of materials
  • Advanced materials
  • Modelling of advanced materials and manufacturing processes

Within the area of Manufacturing and Materials, industrial manufacturing and welding operations and processes are developed and improved. We work on composite materials, intelligent and multifunctional materials, multimaterial structures, metamaterials, new coatings, as well as development and application of additive manufacturing techniques and advanced methods. We work in three main fields:

  • At the macroscopic level: cutting, welding, surface treatments and additive manufacturing
  • At the microscopic level: micro texturing, micro coatings
  • At the nanometric level we have developed a new technique that allows us to convert ceramics into nanofibers that maintain exceptional flexibility and mechanical properties

We use laser techniques, thermal processes and 3D printers. We are also specialized in other types of materials such as semiconductors or chiral optical materials. Making use of emerging technologies such as 3D printing or nanomaterials we are developing 4D biomaterials, that is, to the traditional 3 dimensions, we add the variable time.


Sustainable Development Goals