Research topics

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Sensors
  • Optoelectronics and micro / nanoelectronics
  • Power electronics
  • Flexible and efficient power management systems

The European Commission believes that key enabling technologies will drive European technological leadership, that is vital for deploying the industrial technologies of the future. Different projects in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are totally related with the area of Electronic and Automation. Different researches are carried out in the field of sensors, optoelectronics and nanoelectronics, and in the development of flexible and efficient power management systems.

In this area we work on the development of control algorithms for electronic power converters applied to fault-tolerant electrical drives and to electronic converters connected to the grid or working in isolation; robust, reliable and resilient. We have developed power electronic systems for photovoltaic energy applications, for energy recovery applications in water transport systems, metallurgical systems based on friction welding, TIG and MIG welding, recently in resistance welding.

In this area of research we have developed electronic power systems for mainly maritime electric mobility applications, electric propulsion systems, analysis of power plants for ships. Our scope of work is related to the application of artificial intelligence and robotics in the management and maintenance of infrastructures and seeking to increase the optimization of resources and security of their users. The increase in the use of artificial intelligence, and robotics, we believe will be key in the coming years.


Sustainable Development Goals