Martínez Torres

Profesor/a titular de universidad

Área de Matemática Aplicada
Departamento de Matemática Aplicada I

Información de contacto

Centro Universitario de la Defensa

A Xunqueira, s/n
36920 Pontevedra


Resultados de investigación

Faílde-Garrido, J.M., Martínez Torres, J., Rodríguez-Castro, Y., García-Rodríguez, M.A.,
Do road offenders constitute a unique clinical and sociodemographic profile? The relationship between crime and road safety
Psychology, Crime and Law, , , 2022 | DOI

Martínez-Comesaña, M., Eguía-Oller, P., Martínez-Torres, J., Febrero-Garrido, L., Granada-Álvarez, E.
Optimisation of thermal comfort and indoor air quality estimations applied to in-use buildings combining NSGA-III and XGBoost
Sustainable Cities and Society, 80, , 2022 | DOI

Alvariñas-Villaverde, M., Martínez-Torres, J., Toja-Reboredo, B., González-Valeiro, M.
Prediction Model for Physical Activity Level in Primary School Students
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, 5, 2022 | DOI

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Simulation of wind speeds with spatio?temporal correlation
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11, 8, 2021 | DOI

Conference Paper
Gil Ruiz, J., Martínez Torres, J., González Crespo, R.,
Proceedings from the International Congress on Project Management and Engineering, 2021-July, , 2021 | DOI

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Automatic image characterization of psoriasis lesions
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Predicting ore content throughout a machine learning procedure – An Sn-W enrichment case study
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Obtaining the sGAG distribution profile in articular cartilage color images
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Conference Paper
Pérez-Rey, I., Alejano, L.R., Martínez, J., Muniz, M., Muralha, J.
Understanding tilt-test results on saw-cut planar rock surfaces from a statistical perspective
Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses, 1, , 2018 | DOI

Book Chapter
Iglesias, C., Martínez, J., Taboada, J., Giráldez, E.
Automatic prediction of the commercial quality of slate slabs using a mathematical model
Modeling Social Behavior and Its Applications, , , 2018 | DOI

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Conference Paper
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Applied Mathematics and Computation, 230, , 2014 | DOI

Conference Paper
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Slope stability control of a coal mine during the filling of the artificial lake
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Conference Paper
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Book Chapter
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