Each academic year Cintecx organizes open days in which students from schools and institutes in Galicia visit the center, made up of nearly 200 researchers who work in areas such as energies, energy efficiency, use of natural resources, recovery of industrial waste, development of advanced manufacturing techniques and new materials, clean propulsion technologies or artificial intelligence.

In the center they learn, guided by the research staff, the different laboratories and projects that our groups are carrying out. The students approach, among other, to the field of biomedical, biomaterials and their contributions to improve the quality of life of society. They can see first-hand the use of marine resources for biotechnological and environmental purposes and have real experiences on topics related to chemical combustion reactions.

Apart from school visits, the dissemination of the work carried out at Cintecx continues under the protection of a dissemination and transfer plan to society, with which it is attempted to reach all age segments of the population. In this way, after the activities whit boys and girls, other actions will be launched to people, of working age, focused on “the concern of how a digitized and robotized society can affect their jobs”, and the senior population, who will be able to verify “how the center research can benefit them”.

With all these activities, in the framework of “disseminating unique science” program, we look for communicate to society in general not only all the activities we carry out, but also that technology can help us achieve an industrial and sustainable society, committed to conservation of the planet.