In February 2022, Cintecx open days corresponding to the year 2022 began, which are organized under the ‘Divulgando Ciencia Singular’ program, and which allow hundreds of students from Galician schools and high schools to learn about the laboratories and projects that are being carried out each year by our research groups. Students can participate in various activities that allow them to become interested in the different fields of engineering and its important role to the progress of society.

Miraflores School of Ourense starts the first of the open days of the year 2022 in Cintecx- February 14, 2022.


Combustion workshop: “Combustion: The Sci-Ence Games

Guided by the researcher from the energy area, Raquel Orozco, students could learn from the easiest concepts to their applications to complex and real systems such as combustion engines, power generation plant, among others.


“Artificial intelligence: Once upon a time a world of data”

The researcher Jesus Rico explains to them in an interactive way the application of this new technologies to the world of engineering. In this case, they had to solve an artificial vision problem and learned the importance of the data compilation, development their problem –solving skills and imagination.


Mechanical and mechatronic design

In the Cintecx auditorium, students were able to fully immerse themselves in the mechanical and mechatronic design experiences proposed by the researchers Ángel Vilán, Gabriel Fontenla and Carlos Riveiro, who presented their projects such as the Xatcobeo satellite, the TitanRob submarine arm, the Demowave for harnessing tidal energy, artificial intelligence robots, early detection of forest fires, etc. As a surprise, there was time to develop interactive activities related to mechanics, in which the students tested their knowledge about the functioning of the reality around them.


Laboratory activities

In one of the center´s laboratories, led by researchers Iago Pozo, María Pazo and Xurxo Rigueira, the students in groups analyze in more detail the latest techniques used to extract dyes, going through laser and biological techniques, without forgetting the need to respect our built heritage. Also, the latest concerns at European level focused on the conservation of murals that constitute current street art were discussed.


Sustainable development and biotechnology

The program ended with the sustainable development and biotechnology activity, in which Xanel Vecino researcher from the Sustainability and Natural Resources area of CINTECX, guide the students in different experiments for the treatment of colored water using absorbents produced from waste and immobilization with alginate.


Images of the activity