CINTECX 0120 Knowledge Transfer and R&D manager

CintecxNewsCINTECX 0120 Knowledge Transfer and R&D manager

CINTECX announces the opening of a selection process for a temporary manager position.


The contract subscribes a full-time job (37,5 hours per week) and a monthly gross salary 2.299,52€.


The deadline for the submission of applications ends on January 2, 2020


At the end of the application period, all candidates will be informed on the preliminary list of applications. A 3-day period will be open to amend errors and send the required documents.

At the end of the claim period, the final list of selected and excluded applicants will be drawn up.

The Selection Committee that will evaluate the merits presented by the candidates will be composed by the CINTECX research and management personnel.

The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by the Committee according the following evaluation criteria:

  • Curriculum vitae (75%)
  • Personal interview (25%)

Phase 1: Assessment of the CV
Phase 2: Interview

After completing Phase 1, the committee will summon the candidates with the appropriate profile for an interview.

At the end of the selection process, the preliminary results will be notified and a claim period of 3 days will be established. Once the claims have been thoroughly considered or after the deadline has elapsed, the Selection Committee will notify the final results.

Should the Selection Committee consider and motivate that none of the candidates meets the requirements of the job opening, it may declare the selection process unfilled.

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